Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CBR Dec 4th 2009

Took a trip to CBR last Saturday to check out recent activity. Here are some shots I snapped. I've been trying to get a solid pan shot of this spot from end to end for a while but the uneven ground and angles are not conducive to such a thing. I'll work on it and hopefully I'll get something soon enough. Until then, these will have to do.

This was a piece done by a young local writer named RAZOR who was recently murdered. Check out the story here. You can see a couple R.I.P.'s markered in on the fill-in. Young kid, shame it happened. R.I.P.

Arguably my favorite shot of the day. The lighting was beyond perfect.

All in all there were a few nice pieces up and lots of new tags, cross outs, and throwies. Smak and Sage hit up a couple of spots, Tosk, Kicker, Hops, and Arson had a couple hits up too. Some others, OPK and MY crew hits, seemed to stand the test of time over the last month or so.
I'll post some flics from the TA Wall and factory soon as well as some fresh stuff from the streets.

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