Thursday, December 10, 2009

TA Wall & Factory Nov 2009

I've been meaning to post these but only got around to doing it today. These pics are from the TA Wall and Factory on the 19th November. The walls seem to be gaining more hits as writers continue to hit them up mostly with tags and throw ups. A couple of pieces have gone up here and there but there still remains a good deal of open grey space yet to be painted.

I've gone by since on my way downtown and noticed more activity but have not been able to stop and get any new pics. Now that the recent snow storm just hit it will be interesting to see how serious the city or MTQ are about keeping the area buffed even in this kind of weather and if writers will take the opportunity to drench the area in paint.

Here's a pan shot of the upper TA Wall from November. As you can see not much up at all,  however, LUXER seems to have made a statement to the buffers "Buff me now! Useless fucks" after a row of consecutive hollow throw ups into a final fill in going back a number of meters. A few others got up too but nothing of major import.
Besides that, there are a few "Fuck the police" tags and some other comments towards the buffers by a couple of writers.
The lower TA Wall had a couple of nice pieces but was mostly covered by tags and throw ups. It seems that this wall, along with the upper section, has become a free-for-all zone for writers. I think it will take some time before these walls are back to being covered in color and style like they were only a short time ago. Not many pics as there wasn't much of substance but still a couple of good hits.
The Factory remains as it has been for sometime now, although a majority of the activity has been moved to the second floor and rooftop with the demolition of the ground floor by construction workers. New stuff goes up all the time, there are always some solid burners among the countless tags and throw ups mixed into layers of paint left by countless writers. As most of the recent activity in this area has been in the Factory,  a majority of my shots were done here.
I got a few good pan shots too. Here's one from the entrance off of the lower TA Wall. It's slightly fuzzy in some places but does the trick. The stairs to the right go up to the second floor.
 The following shot is from the top of the stairs that lead to the second floor showing the open walk ways leading to the neighboring rooms.
These next two are of the second floor. Both are from the same room but from different ends. The second was taken from atop of a platform.
The rooftop had some interesting stuff too. Some nice pieces and a few birthday shout outs. I was able to get some great shots this time.

One of my favorite shots of the day by Sberk incorporating the window and far wall into his piece.
 I'll be going back to the Wall and Factory in the next few days if the weather and light permits. I'll post more soon.