Friday, November 13, 2009

Fom the Vault: Old pan shots and shiz

Well I went through some of my old pics and was able to put together some pan shots of some walls from a few places I've documented over the last few years. For the most part they came out OK, although there are some lighting issues and a few disjoints here and there. Here are some pans from TA Wall & Factory, Stinky's, St. Catherine's Street, the Plateau, and a few other areas and events. Hopefully they came out alright.

**I fixed all the links on these pics so they are fully viewable now**

Here's a section of the lower TA Wall from May 2009 featuring Bfor, Kemo, and Scan. Crazy Apes Crew did a monster prodution just to the right of it that I have a little ways lower on this post.

This is section of the MOS wall just off of Bleury taken in January 2007. This work was done for MOS 2006. The pic is a little blurry off to the right as I was still shooting with my hand held digi at the time and not every pic was crisp. reading from top left around right and back to bottom left we got: F.One, Ewol, Sewer, Nixon, Nesar, Fomer, Dock, and Loes.

Here's another section of wall from MOS 2006 (photo taken in Jan 2007 again) featuring (from top left around to bottom left) Zek, Tyke, Dfek, Ekon, Striker, Sick(156), Shok, and Stack. The last one on the end I do not know. But some solid painting here that's for sure.

Another wall from MOS 2006, just to the left of the one above featuring Bez and Striker in the first section, Tchug and Astro in the second, and a few in the final section that I am unsure of as of yet.

Here's an oldie, this production used to be up in an alley way just off of Concordia on Mackay Street. This production had been up for a while, it was a really nice piece of work that featured Stare, Omen, Pener, Skan, Cemz, Fatso, and Cameo. There were others involved in this one I believe but I I'm not sure yet who they were.

This is a production I found while trucking around the east end of Montreal in 2007.

Scien and Astro from 2006 in Outremont area.

This is a section of the upper TA Wall from 2006 featuring a couple I don't know, but second from left is Sober, then Nixon, and at the end is Saer.

Here's that mad toxic production by Crazy Apes Crew that I photographed at the lower TA Wall in May earlier this year. Running from left to right: Beta, Fezat, Lith, Havok, and Mystx. Solid production by some very talented writers.

Here's another pan from the lower TA Wall featuring some nice work by Stack and Ether and then
Tyke and Shok.

This is a Trife Life production that was just off of St Catherine's street I took in 2006: Dfek, Zek, Life, Ether, and Shok.

Finally, here is a pan shot of a section of Stinky's that I took in April of this year. I thought that this was an interesting use of the structure by Bubz who had painted on a number of disjointed characters across a large section of the abandoned area. I particularly like the birds and have seen then in various locations throughout the city this year.

I'll post more pan shots when I get around to putting them together. I got some stuff from Turcot, more from the TA Wall and Factory, Stinky's, and a few other places.

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