Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TA Factory: October 21st 2009

For the past few years I have been frequenting an old abandoned factory building next to the TA Wall Area. To be honest, I am not sure what this building served as prior to its abandonment, however, I have found a few references online of people claiming its name to have been the George W. Reed Foundry and dating as far back as circa 1895. I have searched myself and found nothing to-date in any official record detailing the true identity of this location, so for now let's just leave it as the TA Factory. When I find something solid historically, I'll post it.

I come to this place often to take pictures and explore the changing pattern of decay and graffiti over time. This is an active location year round. When things get too cold outside writers hit the walls up during the winter. In fact, all throughout the year writers paint in the factory. You can always find something new on the walls when you visit. Since its abandonment some time ago (even this I am not sure of) this building has become an important part of the TA Wall area and a popular spot to paint. Although I have many, many pics from over the last few years of the factory, I've got my latest shots from the 21st of October posted here when I was last checking up on the TA Wall area.

I've got more in the vault that I'll post sometime soon, but for now enjoy these.

This first pan shot is of the ground floor area farthest from the wall. Again, not the best pan shot put togehter (I'm learning...slowly) but it shows the extent of the hollowing out of thisplace. I remember when I first used to come in this place and it still had the solid cement flooring, none of this mucky dirt.

This next pan shot is of the second floor. It shows the far room to the left and the large open floor room on the right. This floor is the most active now that the first has been pretty much hollowed out. Lots of color on this floor, always some fresh pieces up.

The rest of these shots are mostly from the second floor area, except for the last few that are from the ground floor. I haven't been on the roof lately due to time constraints, but I'll post some fresh roof pics at a later time.

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