Friday, September 18, 2009

From the Vault: 2003 Montreal Stylz

I first started taking notice of graffiti in 2003 when I moved downtown. I was living on the Ottawa Street at the bottom of Peel in Griffin Town. Besides a general interest I needed a focus for my academic work and decided that graffiti would be it. I took to the streets as often as I could and whenever I could tracking through the city, alleyways, rooftops, highway system, anywhere and everywhere I saw a hint of paint.

Most of these pics were taken at night with a pocket digital camera as it was the only time I was able to roam about aside from work and class. For the most part the pics came out ok. Some good stuff here from a few local hard hittin' bombers and crews, and some stuff from outta towners. In any case enjoy.

Stay posted. I got lots more in the vault.

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